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Arora Creations, Inc. launched the first-ever USDA-certified Organic Indian Grocery product line in the US market. We are currently the only Organic Indian Grocery product line available, and we take great pride in conducting a 2+ year search for organic ingredients world wide to formulate our flavors.

We are also extremely proud to join the community of organic food vendors and bring the cleanest Indian food to homes of people worldwide.

Our Indian spice blends are simply the gift of the Far East. We spent countless hours mastering the art of Indian Spice Blends and the most authentic form of flavor known to Mother Earth. Use our master Indian spice blend recipes to prepare healthy, convenient, mouth-watering Indian dishes in only a matter of minutes. All of our Organic and All-Natural Indian Spice Blends are low in sodium, gluten-free, and 100% vegetarian.

Our Indian spice blends include savory traditional North Indian cuisine such as Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Punjabi Chhole (chick peas), Gobi (cauliflower), Rajmah (kidney beans), Bhindi Masala (green veggies), and Goan Fish Curry. All dishes prepared with Arora Creations, Inc. Authentic Indian Spice Blends use fresh ingredients and take minutes when you follow our step-by-step recipes.

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