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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do with the Bhindi Masala spice blend if Okra is: out of season, my local stores don’t carry it, or I simply do not like Okra?

The Bhindi Masala spice blend is “just the right touch to sensitive greens.” The spice blend mixes extremely well with broccoli, asparagus, snow peas, string beans,¬†zucchini, etc.


What are “other exotic spices?”

“Other exotic spices” refers to spices like amchoor which is a dried mango spice, green and black cardimum, onion seeds, mustard seeds, and anardhana which is pomegranate spice.


Are your blends just spices, or are there other ingredients?

All our blends are made 100% from pure spices. They are gluten-free, sugar free, contain no MSG and are non-irradiated.


Are your Blends 100 % vegetarian?

Yes, all the blends are made with pure vegetarian/vegan spices, even the Tandoori Chicken Blend is a vegan blend.


Does the Tandoori Chicken Blend go with anything besides meat?

Of course! The Tandoori Chicken spice blend is quite the popular addition to Tofu and Tempe. Also, the yogurt can be substitued with Soy yogurt for vegan dishes. People who follow the Kosher diet can prepare the dish with Salmon or other acceptable fish to meet the diet’s rules.


Do you sell your blends in bulk?

You betcha! Simply call or email us for a bulk order and we will make the necessary arrangements. Minimum bulk order is 1 lb.


Are your spice blends Gluten-Free?

Indeed, all of our spice blends are 100% Gluten-Free!


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